Proven Lead Generation Hacks That Deliver As Many Qualified Leads As You Can Handle…

Fresh Right Hand delivers results

Did you know that only 2% of website visitors identify themselves by filling out a form? Well, we take care of the other 98%!

In fact, we discover everything there is to know about your ideal customer in order to generate leads at a consistent and impactful rate. That includes the segment of people who would be interested in what it is your business delivers, but who’ve never heard of you before.

In short, we identify the optimal lead sources for your business, then we use proven lead generation hacks to connect you with those leads to fuel your machine…

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Turns Your Website Into a
Lead Generation Machine

For most businesses, someone who visits their website but doesn’t leave any information is worthless. Our proven lead generation hacks can turn anonymous site visitors into qualified leads through easy tracking, quick reporting, and buying intent.

We also drive leads, convert leads into subscribers and buyers, and help you retain customers through…

  • Strategic lead generation forms
  • Proprietary chat, SMS, Facebook, and review capture tools
  • Automated messaging
  • Google and Bing ads

Click Here to Start Generating As Many Leads As You Can Handle

Places Your Lead Generation
On Autopilot

You should never limit yourself when it comes to finding leads. From organic internet search to obscure social media platforms, the perfect leads for your business could come from anywhere. We’ll find them for you…

We all know that leads become subscribers, and subscribers become buyers. So, finding qualified leads is the most vital part of boosting your bottom line. That’s why we also include these industry-leading services:

  • Social media management
  • A variety of content creation, content management, ad management and related services
  • Facebook and Instagram ad management

We combine the type of content that’s relevant to your community with innovative marketing strategies so you can generate leads with the click of a button!


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8X ROI in 6 Months

Sold Out 5 Figure Consulting in 12 Months

Hear From Our Clients…

John Gill

Top 1% Amazon Seller & Famous E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Leyla Milani

CEO of Leyla Milani Hair + Former Actress & Model (Deal or No Deal, Entourage and much more)

Chris Lattner

CEO of Aria Lattner & Former Microsoft Manager

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