We are Fresh Right Hand.  Founded by our Chief of Making It Happen, Ben Weissenstein, with the goal of helping lots of people/entrepreneurs/businesses of all sizes (large and small).

Ben is a life-long entrepreneur from lemonade stands at age 4 to starting to build his 6 figure garage sale business at age 14 to rap artist concert bookings in his 20s.  He was once signed to Dick Clark Productions for a reality TV show about his life (long story – but he didn’t end up proceeding further down that road).  Ask him if you’re really curious.  Additionally, Ben has helped sell 7 figures worth of products and services, been featured in lots of press including Dr. Phil, Italian Millionaire Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, PBS and more.

After realizing he wanted to do something new to shake up his life a bit and knowing that he possessed skills, vision and passion that could really help a lot of people, he decided to start working with entrepreneurs and companies.  He worked on a wide range of marketing, content and business development related projects in a wide range of industries for a wide range of entrepreneurs and businesses. #WideRange

Not only did he love it, but he was making almost everyone very happy to the point where they wanted to hire him for more work.  Being the entrepreneur he is, it was clear he needed to start a business.


Fresh Right Hand was born.

Thankfully, Ben happens to know how to find awesome people.  Fresh Right Hand is made up of a slew of awesome people (almost all within the US) who take pride in their work, consistently produce quality, care about all of our clients and happen to be friendly too.🙂

Mission Statement

To care about every business as though it were our own and to treat every client’s dollar as though it was their last.  We take our work seriously and always give an honest quality effort.  We’re committed to making all of our clients happy.  That’s our mission statement in a nutshell.

What To Expect

High Quality
High Quality



Ben Weissenstein

Chief of Making It Happen

Hey, my name is Ben Weissenstein. I have been an entrepreneur my entire life. It started at 2 years old when I tried selling my “art” (terrible drawings) to my babysitter for 25 cents.

Management Team


Project Driver & Creator of Happiness

Aloha! I am an administrative professional with an accounting background, who has an affinity for Japanese stationary items and Microsoft excel. I have spent many years in positions of support and management, and I absolutely love being a part of a team.


Project Driver & Creator of Happiness

Hello! I’m Morgan, one of the Project Drivers for Fresh Right Hand. My work history tends to focus in an array of Customer Service, Organization, or Hospitality; ranging from being an Optician Lead, to a Flight Attendant, to a Boy Scout Lifeguard/Pool Manager.


Project Driver & Creator of Happiness

Hi, I’m Meredith! I’m a dog lover and a big fan of the latest ‘chick flick’. I’m a Project Manager with Fresh Right Hand and skilled in writing your content and editing your work. Whether you need a blog post written, or a piece of content edited, I’m excited to take on the project!

More Glorious FRH Team Members…


Creative Writing Extraordinaire

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Stockton University, where I also worked as a professional Writing Tutor. In my role as a tutor, I assisted my peers with editing their work for grammar, spelling, and content, as well as helping to ensure that it met the criteria established by their professors.


Graphics & Video Queen

Hey there, my name is Mimi. I was born in Ethiopia, but raised in Houston, Texas. I worked for nearly a decade in TV News production before becoming a freelance Graphic Designer and Video Editor at Fresh Right Hand. Having the opportunity to work at ABC13, one of the leading news stations in the industry


Marketing Guru

Hey there! I’m Katrina and I am a passionate and driven marketing guru (channel a slightly younger, taller version of Yoda).
I studied Public Relations at University and proceeded to work in various marketing-related roles for the past 8 years. My professional passion overall


Story-Telling Pro

Hi! I’m Charity Becker: voracious reader, horror fiend, and rabid gamer. And that’s just a typical Monday. In addition to the fun stuff I do for Fresh Right Hand, I’ve been a writer for over twenty years, have more than nine novels published worldwide, have ghostwritten


Artist of Life

I’m a digital content creator, taco lover, and musician (not necessarily in that order). I enjoy subjecting myself to things that remind me I’m alive. Snowboarding, salsa dancing, deadlines,
and driving in foreign countries come to mind.


Miscellaneous Task Wizard

I’m Zubin, an Inbound Marketer and a Virtual Assistant with 3 years of experience. I’m from the colourful state of Punjab in India. Academically, I’m a Computer Science Engineering graduate. Also, I have done some courses in Nanodegree and Ethical Hacking.

There are a few dozen other glorious FRH team members as well, who aren’t pictured here. They are graphic designers, web designers (and developers), video editors, marketers, researchers and more.