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Oh here’s a bit about us… (let us brag)…

We’re Fresh Right Hand.  We’re a marketing and content development firm. 

We’ve helped to generate 7 figures worth of sales for a variety of businesses and have achieved national press including Dr. Phil, Entrepreneur Magazine and more.

We don’t niche by any means.  In other words, we work with a variety of companies. Industry wise that means everyone from jewelry and product businesses to tech/SaaS companies to realtors to coaches to hospitality businesses and more.

Size wise we work with pre-revenue startups all the way up to large corporations (like StubHub is a client of ours) and everyone in between. Location wise, our clients are all over the place as well… throughout the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. We really just say all of that to make another point…

Even though our clients are all over the place in terms of industry, size and geography, we’re always chasing the 3 same objectives. Those are building brands, driving the right people in the door, and converting sales/customers/users/investors – whatever YOUR conversion goal is.

#1 App Store

5X Organic Traffic
+ 5X Sales Inquiries

8X ROI in 6 Months

Sold Out 5 Figure Consulting in 12 Months

Hear From Our Clients…

John Gill

Top 1% Amazon Seller & Famous E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Leyla Milani

CEO of Leyla Milani Hair + Former Actress & Model (Deal or No Deal, Entourage and much more)

Chris Lattner

CEO of Aria Lattner & Former Microsoft Manager

Oh and here are some more reviews from people

who hired us on freelance platforms…

Full Disclosure.. We’re a business. Of course we want you to eventually send us dough and by dough we mean moolah and by moolah we mean the currency that helps us run a business and pay our glorious team members.

However, this report really is #completelyfree. So is this call. Now if you decide you’d like our help with certain initiatives to build your brand, drive leads and convert sales, we’ll do our best to work a deal you’re comfortable with so we can do what we love most… building relationships.